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=> Transformational Life Coaching with the Brain in Mind

If you feel unappreciated, misunderstood and disappointed with how life turned out for you (after such a promising start) but would like to excavate your enormous, unused potential - I will work with you to become the master of your emotions and to claim your superpowers so you can transform yourself into the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Tell me how....

Here are a few things that I can help you achieve:

I can help you…

  • Understand how to effectively manage stressors in your life to protect your brain against irreversible damage
  • understand your brain’s most basic nutrient requirements so you can face challenges with mind and body fully charged and ready to conquer
  • become the master of your emotions and show up in your life calm and level-headed
  • replace self-hatred and negative body image with neuroscience-based strategies for success and happiness
  • understand the neuroscience of love and attraction so that you can attract and cultivate the love you deserves
  • become an effortless communicator so you will never again be misunderstood
  • uncover your (female) superpowers and explore ways in which to use them to your advantage
  • be visible for all the right reasons

Tanya O.

I wanted to say thank you, Henrike. Before our sessions I was struggling with insecurity and I was paying far too much attention to other people’s opinion about myself. 
You really helped me overcome that. I am much better at setting boundaries and expressing my needs now.

What is Neuro Coaching?

NeuroCoaching is Transformational Life Coaching with the Brain in Mind.

Over the last few decades, Neuroscience has made some mindboggling discoveries – many of which can now help us explain human behaviour and thinking patterns which were previously “urban legend” or “esoteric” territory.

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Neuroscience can help us explain…

  • The ways in which the female and the male brain differ and how to help ourselves and the people we influence to nuture their brain's superpowers
  • Why you are suffering from brain fog and indecisiveness
  • How stress is killing your brain and stifling your potential
  • How habits have the potential to make or break you
  • How to uplevel your learning abilities
    and much, much more…..

Are we really only using 10% of our brains?

This claim – thankfully – is incorrect. We are whole-brain-creatures. All of our biggest asset is working – but not all of it may be working WELL and much of it is working stealthily underneath your consciousness.

Aa a NEUROCOACH, I can help you understand your brain better, so you can make a conscious effort to influence your way of thinking and consequently the way you act and re-act.  

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