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Whole-Brain Coaching helps you...

  • Feel calm, purposeful and motivated.

  • Increase your energy levels.

  • Create fulfilling relationships.

  • Unlock your professional potential.

  • Fall in love with life!

  • My name is Henrike, I am
    The Whole-Brain Coach
    I help professional women feel less stressed & more in control by optimizing their brain-performance.

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    The Neuroscience of


    • Learn what happens (or DOESN'T happen) in your brain when you drink too little water

    • 10 Simple hacks to help you drink more water CONSISTENTLY

    • Delicious Spa Water recipes for when plain water just won't do



    Short Fuse and Heightened Sensitivity

    You’re triggered by specific people over and over again. The same thing said by a different person would leave you totally cold but when it comes from them it causes a whole avalanche of negative feelings that keep your thoughts stuck in a loop for hours, sometimes days.

    Stuck in negative patterns

    You keep repeating the same patterns and end up in exactly the same relationships, job situations and one-sided friendships that you had sworn to stay clear of.

    Feeling unappreciated and taken for granted

    You’re overworked, overwhelmed and feel utterly taken for granted. But you’re the only one holding things together, and you are increasingly resentful about always having to clean up the mess.


    You’re exhausted and burned out but all you can think of is how inadequate you must be for not being able to handle all of your responsibilities… other people seem to be able to do it, why can’t you?

    Are you the master of your emotions or is your emotional brain calling the shots?

    Here are a few things I can help you achieve...

    • Understand how to effectively manage stressors in your life to protect your brain against irreversible damage

    • Understand your brain’s most basic nutrient requirements so you can face challenges with mind and body fully charged and ready to conquer

    • Become the master of your emotions and show up in your life calm and level-headed


    • Replace self-hatred and negative body image with neuroscience-based strategies for success and happiness


    • Understand the neuroscience of love and attraction so that you can attract and cultivate the love you deserves

    • Become an effortless communicator so you will never again be misunderstood

    • Uncover your (female) superpowers and explore ways in which to use them to your advantage

    • Be visible for all the right reasons

    Henrike was always looking out for me and helped me become the happiest version of myself. She was the calm voice that cut through my foggy thinking and helped me find the best path for me.

    Tiffany L.

    8-week 1-on-1 Coaching Package

    You can create the life you desire…

    Regardless of where you’re at, the state of your relationships, the way you treat yourself, the level of professional success you have, and/or your current wealth or lack thereof:


    You can defy all normal, common and ordinary expectations of what is and isn’t possible for you and create a life of adventure, self-determination and interdependence.


    Understanding your brain, mind and body better is the first step to (re)connecting to your deepest dreams and desires and to create a unique and fulfilling life.


    There are plenty of women out there living life as they choose and on their terms.

    Will you be one of them? 

    Hell YEAH!


    I lacked clarity, focus and direction in my business and Henrike helped me discover the right steps to take next. She didn't tell me what to do, she facilitated my thought process so the result was authentically mine and totally natural to follow up on.

    Kim R.

    Health and Fitness Coach

    The whole neuroscience approach makes Henrike's coaching so unique and much more valuable. She did not just support me but also taught me how to be a better version of myself, independent and ready to tackle life’s challenges.

    Sarah B.




    Neuroplasticity and Transformation

    Your brain is incredibly adaptable and has the potential to create awe inspiring results.

    The fact that it’s not already doing this is because it is overwhelmed by stimuli or held hostage by outdated programming.

    If you feel stuck in a loop of bad decisions and emotional reactivity and overwhelm you simply cannot create new results without changing your brain’s wiring first.

    Interpersonal Neurobiology

    Studies have shown that one of the key indicators of positive coaching impact is a trusting relationship between coach and coachee.

    To make sure your coaching journey is a success, you should take a moment to make sure that the person you decide to work with feels present and attuned and resonates with you.

    Only when you feel you can fully trust your coach, will your unconscious allow yourself to be open and vulnerable – two very important aspects to getting to the bottom of it all.

    This is exactly what we’ll do together. Kindly, compassionately but powerfully life-altering.

    Are you curious to find out how we could work together?

    Then go ahead and book a complimentary clarity session during which we can take a first look at your current situation and the way(s) in which you would like it to be different.

    Yes, please. Let's chat.

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